Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Manly Trip to Hell and Back


I propose that we meet at my place at 7:30 on Tuesday, then carpool up to the Oak Hills Rock Castle. It's about a 10 minute hike up the mountain, and it'll be hard to find without me, so it's better if we go together. Bring a flashlight.

I'd suggest we eat MRE's but I don't know where to get them . Or maybe we should find a live chicken and pluck it and make a stew? Or maybe hotdogs? I'll bring the dogs and buns and condiments. You guys bring any snacks and drinks. Does anyone have a big water tank we could use for hot chocolate? Or a small portable stove for boiling water?

If it rains, (20% chance, I guess), then lucky us, we'll make Audie Murphy proud. Or maybe we'll make him not proud and stay at my house.

Does this work for everyone? Let me know if we need to change it around.

Colonel Brandon

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