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September Meeting

"The Power and the Glory" by Graham Greene is the last pick from the current round. (It's a good one, Doug. Push pause on the other 6 books you're reading and dive into this one.)

Let's meet on Thursday, Sept 17th at El Gallo Giro on University Ave at 7:00pm. It closes at 9:00, so if we want to keep the party going, maybe we can go over to Bruges for dessert.

And in the meantime, get some nominees up for the next round. Looks like Steve is already getting started with 50 nominees.

July Meeting


It's been a while since we've gotten together. Too much of a while. How about we get together next week? Thursday? This week also works for me.

It's Kristian's turn to pick when and where.

I rode my bike to Barns & Noble and picked up both the April and May editions of The Ring magazine. I had to plunk down $8.95 a pop to get 'em though. But to make it easier on those of you who would like to get the latest boxing scoops I'm offering a 3 day rental for only $2.99. And if you make a reservation within the next 20 minutes I'll enter you into a drawing for a chance to see a VHS recording of Ali v. Frazier. (Offer available while supplies last.)

F.Y.I. - this little known fact I learned from the cashier while checking out. Both Barns & Noble and The Ring magazine were founded by John F. Kennedy Jr. in the run up to what would have been an illustrious political career. Who would have thought?

Doug Kleven here. What do you say to a Joe Louis/Mockinbird throwdown on April 16th at the Great Steak Grill at 7:49? I'm shooting for somewhere that looks rough around the edges. The kind of place disgruntled men go to to eat mediocre food and get in fights. If any of you know of another joint where the odds of assault are higher, please send a shout out.

An Unsuitable Discussion

Who's up for some grub and a 10-minute discussion of P.D. James's novel (wedged somewhere into a two-hour conversation on various other topics)?

Next week is looking best for me. How about Thursday 3/26?

Can't think of any place in Provo serving genuine English cuisine, so how about Green Panda instead?

And the nominees are...

1,000 Splendid Sons, Khaled Hosseini
To Kill A Mockingbird, Harper Lee
Riverdance: The Story, Sam Smyth
Stonewalled, Sharyl Attkisson
Alen Turing: The Enigma, Andrew Hodges
Joe Lewis: Hard Times Man, Randy Roberts

Sam Hawk

So I've been reading Solomon's Mines and might actually finish. How about we meet Thursday at 7:30 at Sam Hawk?

My apologies if it's somebody else's turn to host and I missed that memo. Just ignore me in that event.
6. The Backslider
5. The Pilgrims Progress
4. At the Back of the North Wind
3. That Hideous Strength
2.  The Power and the Glory
1. The Pensees