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Joe's nominations of early 2015

Ok, here are some nominations that have no theme at all. I'm not even sure which one I'm rooting for but I'll be happy to break a tie if needed.

Bus People
Paddle Your Own Canoe
King Solomon's Mines
The Dharma Bums
The Boys of Summer


  1. 5- Paddle Your Own Canoe
    4- Boys of Summer
    3- Bus People
    2- Dharma Bums
    1- King Solomon

  2. 5 - King Solomon's Mines
    4 - The Boys of Summer
    3 - Paddle Your Own Canoe
    2 - The Dharma Bums
    1 - Bus People


  3. 5 - The Boys of Summer
    4 - King Solomon's Mines
    3 - Bus People
    2 - The Dharma Bums
    1 - Paddle Your Own Canoe

  4. So far it's Boys of Summer in the lead with 13 points. King Solomon 2nd with 10 points. Call it now or wait for Kristian & Doug?

  5. 5 - King Solomon's Mines
    4 - The Dharma Bums
    3 - Bus People
    2 - The Boys of Summer
    1 - Paddle Your Own Canoe

  6. King Solomon's Mines, 'cause it's shorter. Thanks!


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