Round 4 Results

Myles' Picks - Sorry it took so long

Twain Location

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Round 4 - Joe's picks

Round 4 - Brandon's Picks

Not shabby, as far as first dates go

East of Eden

A Manifesto

Brandon's Admonition

Short notice for "Short History"?

We discussed it, but luckily TEOTWAWKI isn't here yet

TEOTWAWKI night is July 27th

Emancipators in South Fork Canyon

This Thursday

It's this Thursday, right?

The Votes are in -- Round 3

Joe's picks: Twain, trout, a train, a brain and dancing in the dark



Scott's Nominations Part Deux

Myles' summer picks

Brandon's Nominations --- Round 3

Round 3

Chess at Joe's

Celestial Glory

Chess book update

Guns and weather

My Suggested Book List

A new meaning for Mean and Green

Brandon's manly invitation to this month's meeting

Question For All The Manly Men

3 out of 5 mormons vote to legalize marijuana!

... and I feel fine... (R.E.M.)



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