Sunday, March 28, 2010

Question For All The Manly Men

Having missed this week's gathering, I'm not certain I have the right to ask this, but would anyone have any objections to moving the date of our April meeting? Much like another member, I scheduled a family camping trip not realizing it was on the same date as our April meeting, so I humbly ask if we could move it to another week. I will be gone from April 22-25. I'm good with any other time. If it's a problem, I totally understand. What does everyone think?

Friday, March 26, 2010

3 out of 5 mormons vote to legalize marijuana!

For those that weren't at Jordan's place last night, you missed a rousing discussion in which we successfully defined the line between what kinds of morality should and shouldn't be legislated. We also pounded the IBC and Hank Weinhardt's along with some banana splits.

Thanks to Jordan for hosting, and welcome to our two new members, Doug and Jon.

Next month, it's conspiracy time again with Graham Greene's "Ministry of Fear." April 22nd, 7pm at my place.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

... and I feel fine... (R.E.M.)

Armageddon truly has never been funnier. Thanks Scott for hosting!

Milkshakes were savored, peanut butter candy was shared, IBC was sipped.

With double-chocolate brownies and twinkies, we definitely ate like there was no tomorrow.

After Joe said it felt like riding with the Hells Angel's... I wondered how he would know until I found this shot of him on a Google image search.

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