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TEOTWAWKI night is July 27th

Meet at my house at 7:30 to carpool to an undisclosed location known to a few as "The Rock Castle."  It's not far enough away to completely avoid the Golden Horde, but it is fairly defensible.  I'm having trouble deciding which meat to roast.  Pigeons from an overpass, locally harvested vole, organically raised free range vermin of any kind...  Or hot dogs to get a combination of all three.

For those of you that are writers as well as readers, you could win Rawles' writing contest!

Emancipators in South Fork Canyon

It sounds like Jordan had a pretty good excuse for not being there.  Congratulations to you and your wife!

We saw bighorn sheep on the way up.  And at least one raccoon and a mouse joined us, too.

Joe caught a couple of trout, Scott brought homemade cheesecake, Brandon brought buttermilk bars from the Provo Bakery, and everyone consented to be a guinea pig for my last minute brainstorm.

String cheese on a stick, wrapped in a couple of pieces of pepperoni and some crescent roll dough.  Cook over the fire until well browned on the outside and the cheese starts to run.

The name for this new delight?  Campfire Calzones?  Stick Pizza?

Brandon christened them emancipators.  I thought later emasculators since it contains the same root as masculine, but it's probably better not.

Sorry, there are no pics of the food, animals that joined us, or the stars...

This Thursday

Here's what I was thinking. We could meet at my place in Thursday (June 17th) and carpool up Provo Canyon to someplace we can get a fire going and enjoy the mountain air for the evening. I can carry three people comfortably, four a little less so, so a couple of us may need to drive depending on who comes. I will supply cheesecake; everyone else can bring whatever they feel moved to bring (perhaps something they picture having in paradise, or something decadent....cheesecake works both ways). I am going to go scout out locations tomorrow, but any suggestions of favourite spots would be most welcome.

Does this work for everyone?

The Votes are in -- Round 3

Here are the results, according to my calculations. Correct me if I'm wrong.
June: This Side of Paradise, Scott hosting July: How to Survive the End of the World as We Know it, Myles hosting August: A Short History of Nearly Everything, Jordan Hosting September: Undaunted Courage, Jon Hosting October: East of Eden, Brandon Hosting November: Mark Twain, A Life, Joe Hosting
Sorry, Doug, you gots to put up more nominations next time. Manly men are democratic. Like Robin Hood.
If anyone needs to switch dates or has other recommendations, speak up.