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Question For All The Manly Men

Having missed this week's gathering, I'm not certain I have the right to ask this, but would anyone have any objections to moving the date of our April meeting? Much like another member, I scheduled a family camping trip not realizing it was on the same date as our April meeting, so I humbly ask if we could move it to another week. I will be gone from April 22-25. I'm good with any other time. If it's a problem, I totally understand. What does everyone think?


  1. I'm happy to plan on the next Thursday, April 29th. Brandon's hosting, right?

  2. It wasn't really a question if Brandon was hosting. I was really hoping that we'll be improving our marksmanship as part of our celebration of the Ministry of Fear. We could go through a few clay pigeons from 7-8 before the discussion. Dusk is after 8 at the end of April.

  3. Sounds fun. So when do I host?

  4. 29th works for me, and I'm dying to blow apart a few more clay pigeons. How about we meet at the gun range at 7, knock back some cold ones, then head up the canyon a little further to have the best dessert in the county at Sundance? It'll cost around $6 a person, but you won't be disappointed.

  5. That sounds good to me.

    Joe: I think you're hosting in May for the chess tournament. I vote for moving that one away from Memorial Day. Anyone have a conflict for May 20th?

  6. I can do the 29th, though the 28th would be better. I'd love to do the clay pigeons too.


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