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Round 4 - Joe's picks

Hopefully those who find history boring can find something interesting in this list.

Battle Cry of Freedom
Considered the best single-volume history of the Civil War. If you consider 924 pages just a single volume.

The Company Town
New book about America's "company towns." The author says they only come in two forms: utopian and satanic.

An Entirely Synthetic Fish
Did surprisingly well as a Round 3 nomination (losing out to Mark Twain bio).

Eden's Outcasts
The story of Louisa May Alcott and her father. Won a pulitzer in '08. I nominated because I'm about to have a daughter.

David McCullough won a pulitzer for this biography of Harry Truman.

Under a Wild Sky

A "highly readable" biography of John James Audobon.


  1. Truman - 6
    Under a Wild Sky - 5
    Company Town - 4
    Eden's Outcasts - 3
    Synthetic Fish - 2
    Battle Cry Freedom - 1

  2. Under A Wild Sky - 6
    Battle Cry Of Freedom - 5
    An Entirely Synthetic Fish - 4
    Eden's Outcasts - 3
    Company Town - 2
    Truman - 1

  3. Battle Cry-6
    Under a Wild Sky-4
    Synthetic Fish-3
    Company Town-2
    Eden's Outcast-1

  4. 6- Wild Sky
    5- Company Town
    4- Eden's Outcasts
    3- Fish
    2- Battle Cry
    1- Truman


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