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Short notice for "Short History"?

Update: Jordan had to bow out because of a new work schedule. Let's meet tonight at my place at 7:30 (811 East 150 South). Eat dinner before you come but bring a snack or treat. We'll play bocce ball (a very old game) while discussing the history of everything.


  1. I'm going to be out of town tomorrow night. It sounds like Joe will be out of town next Thursday.

  2. Hi guys - I was looking forward to hosting but alas am no longer able because of a new job (I also thought it was next week for some reason - this summer has gone to quick). Sorry for the late notice and thanks for volunteering to host Joe.

  3. I can do it tonight or next week--Wednesday or TH.

  4. Tonight works for me. I read Joe's post wrong. Tomorrow is today.

    What are you planning for comestibles, Joe? I'd like to bring something complementary (and complimentary for MMBC members.)

  5. What time and what is your address Joe?

  6. I'm at 811 East 150 South. Should we say 7:30?

    Let's just do snacks/treats tonight, so eat dinner before you come. I'm thinking that we should play bocce ball at a nearby park. If you're not familiar with bocce, it's a very old and historic game from Sicily that lends itself well to conversation.

  7. I got my weeks crossed again and thought it was on the 26th for some reason. I didn't see the e-mails until it was too late and I even read (and rather enjoyed) the book. I'll do my best to be there in Sept., but please tell me it is not on the 23rd because I will be camping in Capital Reef that Thursday. I have almost completed Undaunted Courage and will soon be starting East Of Eden just to try to keep ahead of things.


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