Saturday, May 22, 2010

Scott's Nominations Part Deux

OK Brandon, you're on. Here's my latest round of picks.

I wasn't around for round 1, so this is really only my second set of nominations. This time I am focusing on books I have never read (unlike last time) by authors I enjoy. There is something for everyone here, I hope.

Cakes And Ale - W. Somerset Maugham - I enjoy Maugham, but have never read this one. He is mainly known for Of Human Bondage, a book I hear is widely regarded as one of the most depressing in the English language (though I really liked it). This one is supposed to be one from his lighter side.

Stranger In A Strange Land - Robert Heinlein - One of Heinlein's best known, but one I have never read.

Brideshead Revisited - Evelyn Waugh - This is one of Waugh's best known novels, and one I have not read. I have enjoyed Scoop, Black Mischief, and others, though.

This Side of Paradise - F. Scott Fitzgerald - Fitzgerald's first novel. I have always meant to get to this one, but never have.

Bone - Jeff Smith - And now for something completely different...a graphic novel. This is the complete series in one volume. Though I have it, I have never read the whole thing as I came to the comic toward it's conclusion. This is more light-hearted fare, but not something you can breeze through as it weighs in at about 1300 pages.

The Tolkien Reader - J.R.R. Tolkien - Believe it or not, I have never read this book by perhaps my single favourite writer...and I have slogged through The Silmarillion at least four I thought maybe it's about time.


  1. 6 - Stranger
    5 - Paradise
    4 - Cakes and Ale
    3 - Brideshead
    2 - Tolkien
    1 - Bone

  2. 6- Paradise
    5- Cakes and Ale
    4- Stranger
    3- Bone
    2- Tolkien
    1- Brideshead

  3. 6 Tolkien Reader
    5 This side of Paradise
    4 Cakes and Ale
    3 Bone
    2 Stranger
    1 Brideshead

  4. 6-This side of paradise
    4-Cakes and Ale

  5. So far, it looks like This Side of Paradise is the favourite, closely followed by Cakes and Ale, the Stranger in a Strange Land with four people voting.


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