Sunday, April 19, 2015


I rode my bike to Barns & Noble and picked up both the April and May editions of The Ring magazine. I had to plunk down $8.95 a pop to get 'em though. But to make it easier on those of you who would like to get the latest boxing scoops I'm offering a 3 day rental for only $2.99. And if you make a reservation within the next 20 minutes I'll enter you into a drawing for a chance to see a VHS recording of Ali v. Frazier. (Offer available while supplies last.)

F.Y.I. - this little known fact I learned from the cashier while checking out. Both Barns & Noble and The Ring magazine were founded by John F. Kennedy Jr. in the run up to what would have been an illustrious political career. Who would have thought?

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