Sunday, August 30, 2009

A place to sound our barbaric yawps

The next manly book meeting is set for Tuesday, September 8.

Time. Official start time will be 8 o'clock. An optional pre-meeting fishing experience will occur at 7 o'clock.

Tangent. I tend to think in terms of rivers and streams. Provo River is close and Diamond Fork is not so close. Normally I'd pick Diamond Fork hands down for the beauty, solitude and a better prospect of hooking a real nice fish. It's just kind of far for a weeknight.

Grub. Let's gather round a fire for tin foil dinners. I'll bring the meat, foil, seasonings and tongs. That leaves potatoes, carrots and drinks. If any first-timers plan to attend (as opposed to the three second-timers), perhaps the menu could grow to include s'mores.

Location. Let's go to Upper Falls on the Provo. It's just upstream from Bridal Veil Falls. Get off at Bridal Veil Park and you'll see a parking lot and a secondary road headed up the canyon parallel with (and below) the highway. Take that road and keep going when you see the parking stalls near the foot bridge going to Bridal Veil. The next site is Upper Falls. We may get kicked out at 10 o'clock since it's a day-use only site.


  1. I'll bring the potatoes. I'll dig them up out of my garden that same afternoon, is what I'll do.

    Is the fish we catch going to be added to the tinfoil, or is that a separate dish? Do we also bring our fishing poles? I have one from when I was 12. Nothing to put on it, though.

  2. It looks like 1 day fishing licenses cost $8. 1 year $26.
    Provo River rules for where we'd be:
    (b) Upstream from Olmstead Diversion Dam to Deer Creek Reservoir (Utah and Wasatch counties):
    Limit 2 trout under 15 inches.

    I think it would be great to catch our dinner. I'll bring carrots & onions.

  3. An hour is not much time to fish if you're buying a one-day license.

    Translation: We may get skunked.

  4. What could be more manly than a little motivation :)

    Bringing meat is a good idea.

  5. FYI - The 1-year licenses are valid for 365 days from the date of purchase (as opposed to expiring December 31). If you're already willing to pay $8 for an hour of fishing, I recommend paying the $26 for a year's worth of opportunities.

  6. That's what I was thinking too. I should fish more than I do. Especially since kids under 12 are free with an adult license (from what I understand.)


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