Thursday, December 17, 2009

December's Meeting (The Left Hand of Darkness)

Pioneer Book's cafe was closed, but the Sensuous Sandwich didn't let us down. Next time I think Brandon's going for the 24-inch sub in under 30 minutes T-shirt.

The discussion was good, even if a little rushed. Next month we'll be reading Jordan's pick and let him choose where to meet.


  1. 24" is totally no problem. Plus that will be 12 more circles on my frequent sandwich card. My food (and clothing) will practically pay for itself.

    Who's up for going there for the challenge on Christmas Eve. Because then, hey, even if we don't eat it all, we've got leftovers for christmas dinner.

  2. I woke up sick to my stomach today, probably thanks to the warm river of mayo inside my 10 inch sandwich.

  3. Sounds like I missed out, but not next month! I am determined!

    I've thought of attempting that 24" challenge myself, so why not?

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