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Repent Ye!

Brandon asked if my new calling as bishop means that I will vanish from Manly Manliness. I hope not, but I'm not off to a great start. I found out this week that on Thursday I have to attend something called welfare council with all the other bishops in the stake. It starts at 8:30. I'll head straight to Jon's place if there's still time when my meeting is through.

On a more positive note, I've lined up funds to purchase a fire bowl for the back yard.


  1. Should re reschedule? If not, let's plan my house at 8. I'll bring stuff for smores and hot chocolate.

  2. Doesn't the stake president know that you had this scheduled before you were called as bishop!

    Another option would be to do it earlier.

    I think Bratwurst & buns sounds good for my contribution. Or maybe I'll bring chorizo...

  3. For real! the timing of the call also wrecked a snowmobiling trip to Idaho.

    I am free between 7 and 8 tomorrow.

  4. My vote is to meet at 7:00, as long as Jon's OK with that. Joe can come in a suit & then go to his meeting smelling like smoke. :)

  5. Go ahead and start at 7:00 if that works for Jon. I won't be there until 8, because I've got Parent Teacher Conference until then.

  6. 8 is better for me, but I can do 7. Do we want to BBQ the meats or put them on the fire?

    Also, I am at 1140 Aspen--for the new guys.

  7. The host sets the time. I'll be there at 8:00.

  8. Agreed, host sets the time. I'll call Brandon when I get out of meetings to see if Clive Staples Lewis still has you thinking.


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