Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Horror, The Horror

Any news on when we get together for Horror Of The Heights? The month is drawing to close soon, so I thought I would ask. (10 points to whoever can tell me what book the title I used is from.)


  1. Since we've got Fathers and Sons this weekend, I was thinking we meet next thursday instead. Does that work for you guys? I was also thinking we could either go out to the mountains west of payson and shoot guns (i've got my 22 rifle and myles' shotgun, maybe we can convince eric to join us and bring some of his) or we could meet at my place and play board games. I've got a bunch that are really fun for 3+ players. What's your preference?

  2. Heart of Darkness (and Apocalypse Now) for 10 points!

  3. Steph is in a book club too that meets on the first thursday. She doesn't always go but on Sept. 1 she is the designated "reviewer" of the book.


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