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September Nominations

I'm going to go ahead and post these suckers. I'll host our meeting in September. I dare you to find a book among these 6 that won't blow your mind.

The Cyberiad - Stanislav Lem

The Heart of the Matter - Graham Greene

Crime and Punishment - Fyodor Dostoevsky

World War Z - Max Brooks

Isaac's Storm - Erik Larson

The Double Helix - James Watson


  1. Isaac's Storm - 6
    The Heart Of The Matter - 5
    The Double Helix - 4
    The Cyberiad - 3
    Crime And Punishment - 2
    World War Z - 1

  2. Cyberiad 6
    Isaac's Storm 5
    Heart of the Matter 4
    Double Helix 3
    wWZ 2
    Crime and Punishment 1

  3. Isaac's Storm
    Double Helix
    Heart of the Matter
    Crime and Punishment

  4. World War Z - 1
    Crime & Punishment - 2
    Double Helix - 3
    Isaac's Storm - 4
    The Heart of the Matter - 5
    The Cyberiad - 6

    Boom! My very first official vote.

  5. So it looks like Isaac's Storm?

  6. Isaac's Storm it is. Boom! My first non-fiction nomination.


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