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Steve's Nominations (for June?)

I think I'm due to nominate.

These are all books about travel and adventure of one sort or another. Some boats, some planes, some wandering on foot.

Island of the Lost, Joan Druett
N by E, Rockwell Kent
In Patagonia, Bruce Chatwin
West with the Night, Beryl Markham
Wind, Sand, and Stars, Antoine de Saint-Exupery


  1. I'm just going to copy and paste all these right into my next christmas list.

    But if if must rank them...
    Paris and London - 6
    West with the Night - 5
    Island of the Lost - 4
    In Patagonia - 3
    Wind, Sand, and Stars - 2
    N by E - 1

  2. Great selections; so hard to choose.

    In Patagonia - 6
    West With The Night - 5
    Down and Out in Paris and London - 4 (This one drops to 4 only because I have read it a couple of times already)
    Island of the Lost - 3
    N by E - 2
    Wind, Sand, and Stars - 1

  3. Wind, Sand and Stars - 6
    West With the Night - 5
    Island of the Lost - 4
    In Patagonia - 3
    Down and Out in Paris and London - 2
    N by E - 1

  4. Do you think West With the Night is on cassette at the Provo Library?

    Also, the last two Thursdays in May are open on my calendar.

  5. 5/22 is better for me than 5/29.

    Looks like no West with the Night on tape. I failed.

  6. Lets plan on 05/22. I was thinking it will be nice enough to return to South Fork Park by then. Any other suggestions?

  7. Looks like it's time for us to talk about some books. Can everyone come this Thursday (6/12)? Let's meet at my house (opposite Brandon's) at 7:00. We can head up the canyon, or over to Joe's or maybe just hang out here.

  8. I'm in. Are we gonna talk "A Tree Grows..." or something else?

  9. What'd you guys think of Master and Commander?

  10. Since when is Donkey Kong in our book club?

  11. Sounds good.

    Doug, come find out yourself. We're discussing Master and Commander this month. "Tree Grows" isn't until 2015.


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