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Emron's Choices for Next Round

Here are four titles that interest me. They are all Latin American novels (in translation) that are more contemporary than my usual reading/teaching in the region. 2 are by Brazilians, 1 is by a Chilean, and the other by an Argentine. Enjoy.


  1. My Votes:
    4pts - Hour of the Star
    3 - Borges
    2 - Nazi Lit
    1 - Absent City

  2. Doug's Votes:

    4 pts - Nazi Literature in the Americas
    3 - Borges and the Eternal Orangutans
    2 - The Absent City
    1- The Hour of the Star

  3. Adam votes:

    4 - Borges
    3 - Absent
    2 - Hour of Star
    1 - Nazi Lit


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