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Myles' Suggestions

Common Sense Common Sense, The Rights of Man and Other Essential Writings by Thomas Paine

Product DetailsChange We Can Believe In by Barack Obama (or any of his three books.)

Product DetailsEnder's Game by Orson Scott Card


  1. What happened to Angels and Demons?

  2. I thought maybe everyone but me would have read it. I'll put it back.

  3. Angels & Demons = 6 (I hated the Da Vinci Code, but at least it should be fun to talk about)
    Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance = 5
    Change we can Believe in = 4
    Common Sense = 3
    Measure of a Man = 2
    Ender's Game = 1

  4. Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance=6
    Common Sense=5
    Ender's Game=4
    Measure of a Man=3
    Change we can Believe in=2
    Angels & Demons=1

  5. Zen = 6
    Angels = 5
    Measure of a Man = 4
    Change We can Believe in =3
    Common Sense = 2
    Ender's Game = 1

  6. Angles & demons - 6
    Common sense - 5
    Zen - 4
    Common sense - 3
    Ender's game - 2
    Change we can believe in - 1

  7. Change - 6
    Zen - 5
    Common - 4
    Enders - 3
    Measure - 3
    Angels - 1


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