Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Not autobahn, Audubon

Let's meet at my place and head out to the lake at 7. I think the cool temp will keep the mosquitos down but I will have bug spray just in case. On the way out or back we could get a bucket of fried chicken because that is the easiest bird I can think of to eat.


  1. This was the video I was talking about. I'd be interested in seeing the clip Brandon was talking about.

    It's 8 minutes long. If you don't have 8 minutes, I'd start around 6:12. I think the editor could have let the testimony speak for itself a little more, but I have to admit that I wouldn't have watched the unedited hearing.

  2. I was watching for birds a little more than usual on the first part of the road trip. I have to think it was influenced by our recent birding excursion. I appreciate the manly "enrichment"

    Some highlights:
    - bald eagles
    - a young golden eagle
    - pelican
    - great blue heron
    - stork

    less exciting:
    hawks, ravens, black birds, killdeer, morning doves, cliff swallows, ...

    The rainy spring could have had something to do with it. There was a lot of land under water.


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