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Last attempt failed. Trying again.

Ready to eat and talk The Sparrow? How's next week looking for all of us? Maybe Thursday (1/16) at 7:00.


  1. Sounds great. Where? Joe's again?

  2. I would happily agree to Joe's. My house is probably less conducive to talk at that hour.

  3. This week is great.

    Usually I get email alerts when somebody posts to this blog, but I didn't see them for the last few posts. We were in Washington, D.C. last week, so this unintentional delay works out nicely. See you Thursday!

  4. Great. Can we move it to my house instead of the restaurant? My wife will be gone, and I need to be home for the kids. But 7:00 still works fine.

    btw, I live across the street from Brandon. 1300 Cedar Avenue.

  5. Sure. What do you say to picking up food at Joe's and bringing it over to your place?

  6. Meaning we could get the food and bring it to you, not you going out to get it.

  7. Or maybe there's someway to get the Gyro truck to stop by Upper Cedar.

  8. I also like the idea, but only the clarified version, because there's no way I'm going out to get grub while you guys hang out and break all my stuff. I'll be happy to reimburse if you buy me something good.

    I also like the gyro truck (A LOT!)

  9. Sorry for not responding sooner. I started the year with a second round of influenza (worse than the first, no less). Nothing like spending New Year's Eve and New Year's Day in bed with a fever. Anyway, I have gotten waaaay behind in e-mails because I have been spending almost no time on my computer. I'm finally starting to feel human again, so I may make it tomorrow night if I can get my car inspected in time. Keep your fingers crossed.


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