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New round of nominations

Excited to see the gang again on Thursday night. Here are some options to consider for whichever month falls to me:

Hellhound on His Trail
The Rent Collector
The Shipping News
The Princess Bride
The Last Battle


  1. Hellhound - 5 (any book that has the word "hellhound" in it will always be my top vote)
    Last Battle - 4
    Shipping News - 3
    Rent Collector - 2
    Princess Bride - 1

  2. The Rent Collector - 5
    The Last Battle - 4
    Hellhound on His Trail - 3 (Brandon's got me beat in the love of hellhounds)
    The Princess Bride - 2 (I only rank this lower because I've read it; it's terrific)
    The Shipping News - 1

  3. The Last Battle - 5
    The Princess Bride - 4
    Hellhound - 3
    The Shipping News - 2
    The Rent Collector - 1


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